Shoulder Mount Guide

Guide to Whitetail and Mule Deer Shoulder Mounts

1. Attitude

Position of the Head

– fully alert pose
– good for showing off a large neck
– great pose for tall antlers
​- accommodates high ceilings

– alert pose 
– very similar to upright 
– looks best with large deer 
​- works with mid to high ceilings

– natural, relaxed look 
– works well with all deer 
– accommodates all ceiling heights 
​- most popular pose

2. Turn

Choose the Direction the Head is Pointing

– Stand against the wall
– Be the deer
​- The way your head points is the turn direction

3. Features

Choose Unique Features to Make it Stand Out

Wall Pedestal-With Habitat
– adds dimension and interest
– custom scenery options
– saves the floor space of a traditional pedestal

– classic look 
– frames the mount 
​- coordinates with other wood elements in the room

Wall Pedestal-No Habitat
– great for large necks & shoulders
– artistic, three-dimensional look
​- shows more shoulder than   standard mount

– creates an individual focal point
– elegant, sculptural display
​- unlimited scenery and pose   options