About Us

Our specialty is North American big game with an emphasis on artistic design

25 years of experience and a thorough knowledge of the species we work with has allowed Grifone Wildlife Design to become recognized for offering the finest in customized animal artistry.

Most who know me would say that I’m driven by passion, passion for design, for art, and for wildlife. Whether it be photography, taxidermy or bronze sculpture as my medium I am always striving to create and produce something special, something unique, not your everyday taxidermy mount. Good enough is just simply not enough.

Client satisfaction is my top priority and I have been blessed with the wonderful opportunity of working with our clients to create a beautiful presentation of that once in a lifetime trophy.

Our specialty is North American big game with an emphasis on artistic design and unsurpassed quality. Each individual piece is a combination of innovative and original design concepts. By using proven methods and techniques combined with close attention to detail and exacting accuracy we will create for you a distinctive and artistic masterpiece that will last long after the adventure itself is a blissful memory.

Delivery time is important to us and we understand the anticipation of getting your trophy back promptly. Because all of our work is done on premises we are able to deliver in a timelier manner.

domestic and importing from outside the country

Experienced Personnel

Our office personnel are experienced in handling domestic shipments as well as the importing of big game trophies from outside the country. If you’ve been successful on a guided hunt we will work closely with you and your outfitter to ensure that obtaining all necessary paperwork and documentation is handled efficiently and expeditiously. Our facility has been approved by the Canada Food Inspection Agency thus allowing us to personally look after making all shipping arrangements necessary to ensure the fastest arrival of your trophies through customs and directly to your home.

The Artist

Driven by passion, passion for design, for art, and for wildlife.

“Beyond God given talent and technical ability, I feel an artist’s challenge is to evoke emotion…to try and capture a fleeting moment in the mood of any subject. My goal is to capture the character of animals at certain moments of their instinctive gestures…to try and convey to the viewer a bit of what that particular animal is feeling at that precise moment.”

A childhood interest in drawing foreshadowed his artistic future.  Lino Grifone was born in Santo Stefano, Italy in 1956 and is the oldest of two sons. Shortly after immigrating to British Columbia, Canada with his mother and father he discovered he had a natural ability to draw at a very young age and has always taken his talent very seriously.  His grandfather also had a very strong gifting in painting as well.

“I realized that this was part of my heritage, and that’s what inspired me to try my hand at painting”.  Lino began painting, but soon turned to taxidermy and then sculpture because he felt that working three-dimensionally better expressed his creativity and love for animals.  “It became an obsession as far back as I can remember.  I loved it, I breathed it, and it was part of who I was growing up.  I remember having this insatiable addiction to create; this addiction still fuels me today and is what continues to drive me to be the best artist that I am capable of becoming.”  I thank God always for His gift, the inspiration that could only come from Him.

His knowledge and love of wildlife is portrayed beautifully in both his taxidermy mounts and bronze sculptures.  “The moment I became interested in wildlife art I knew this would be the only thing I would truly be happy doing.  It is what I know best and love most.”

“Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might; for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave, whither thou goest.”  Ecclesiastes 9: 10