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Frequently Asked Questions

So, my mount is finished. How do I get my trophy home?2022-09-01T19:49:12+00:00

We have several ways to get your trophy to you.
• You can pick it up at our Studio.
• We can also arrange for common carrier shipping. First, we crate your trophies in custom-built boxes and then we find you the fastest, most cost-effective freighting options.
• ​We also offer personal delivery and setup. Need more info? Give us a call and we will walk you through the options and help you decide which best suits you needs.

How long will it take for me to get my finished trophy?2022-09-01T19:48:50+00:00

​Our turn-around time varies depending on our current workload. At the time your order is placed, we will estimate a completion date based on our current schedule.
​In a hurry? No problem, we offer 12-week expedited service on game heads for no extra charge .

Will my work be the same quality of those I’ve seen on your website and displays?2022-09-01T19:48:24+00:00

​Yes! All the mounts displayed on our website and the ones we take to our shows belong to staff or our clients and we will put the same amount of effort and care into your mounts. Your trophy maybe your child’s first white tailed deer or your own epic Brown Bear, we understand there are memories and stories to be told. We will not be satisified…until it is perfect.

Do I have to pick my pose out of a taxidermy catalog?2022-09-01T19:47:12+00:00

​Absolutely not! Your imagination and vision is all we need in order to create a unique trophy. While we may start with a “stock” form, we will alter and customize it as much as needed to create the position desired.

I plan on going on a hunt. Is there anything I should do before I go to prepare for taxidermy?2022-09-01T19:53:33+00:00

As soon as you have the trip booked please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with helpful information about importing your trophies.

I just harvested and animal, how should I care for it until I can get it to your studio?2022-09-01T19:53:58+00:00

Most hides and specimens will keep for up to 24 hours in refrigeration (40 degrees or below). If it’s going to be longer than that, it should be placed in a plastic bag and frozen. Do not salt the hide unless you have the knowledge and capability to completely flesh and then dry the hide.
When choosing us as your taxidermist…there is no extra charge for any required caping/skinning or fleshing.

What is hair slippage?2022-09-01T19:54:15+00:00

Perhaps there’s not a more dreaded term in taxidermy than hair slippage. It occurs when bacteria develops due to improper field care of your trophy. Microorganisms grow in the hair follicle and eventually break down the connective tissue causing the hair to “slip” or fall out.

What is the best way to hang my mount?2022-09-01T19:54:34+00:00

Most animals Whitetail Deer size or smaller will hang just fine on a medium-sized wood screw. Make sure the screw is secured well into a stud or heavy-duty drywall anchor. Larger animals should be hung on a lag bolt anchored into a stud or wood wallboard.

How should I clean my mount?2022-09-01T19:54:50+00:00

Regular cleaning insures longevity and keeps your mount looking as good as the day it was brought home. Avoid heavy cleaners or furniture polish. Regular use of a simple feather duster goes a long way.

Should I be worried about bugs on my mounts?2022-09-01T19:56:15+00:00

We take extra measures in the way we process our mounts to minimize the risk of bugs, however, when it comes to bugs the best policy is an ounce of prevention. Keep your mounts clean and take note of clumps of loose hair or granular, sawdust like dirt on or below your mount which could be sign that unwelcome guest are present. While there is no guarantee, the probability of bugs on a well done, well cared for mount in a stable environment is very low.

Do you restore or repair old mounts?2022-09-01T19:56:44+00:00

We offer restoration work on a case-by-case basis. For options, quotes, and more information contact us. We will be able to evaluate your mount and come up with a plan of action.

Can I stop in to see the studio?2022-09-01T19:57:03+00:00

We would love to have you visit! Our showroom is open daily and constantly changing. Please call ahead to ensure we haven’t stepped out.

Are the pictures on your website actual photos of your work?2022-09-01T19:57:22+00:00

They truly are! Every photo you see on the website is of projects I have done for our clients or for our display. Check out our gallery of behind the scenes photos to see how it all comes together.

Do you offer quantity discounts?2022-09-01T19:57:44+00:00

One thing I will never discount is quality. The reality is the same amount of work and effort goes into each mount regardless if we are working on 20 pieces for a single client or 20 pieces for separate clients. That’s not to say we are not willing to discuss special options for large orders. Contact us and let us know your needs. We will do our best to accommodate.

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